Ensuite bathroom

When converting your loft into a liveable space, you may be considering whether or not to include an ensuite. There are so many benefits to having an ensuite in your home’s loft conversion: it will increase the value of your property, adds convenience rather than having to venture downstairs to find a bathroom, and future-proofs your home. There are considerations you must take into account, however, when deciding whether to take the plunge and create an ensuite. Make sure you are thinking about these things, and getting advice from professionals!

Do you have sufficient head room?

Head room is important for the comfort of those using the room, and this is especially crucial in a bathroom. There would be nothing more aggravating that trying to shower whilst bumping your head! The minimum head height needed for a loft conversion is 2.2 metres. As long as you have this room, you should be able to fit an ensuite comfortably without the inconvenience of hunching.

Consider your plumbing and drainage

Plumbing and drainage will be very important when finding out whether an ensuite will be beneficial in your space. You will either need to connect your new ensuite’s plumbing to the existing system, or your plumber will have to create a new system. It is also important to consider your boiler – does it have the capacity to cope with the additional water pressure? These are all things to think about.

Are there opportunities for ventilation?

Ventilation is especially important in a bathroom, so when you are assessing your space for an ensuite, see if there is an opportunity for a window in the bathroom. This is important so that that steam from the shower doesn’t result in mould or damage to your bathroom. It will ensure you can benefit from natural light, which in the daytime will mean you don’t have to rely on your electricity.

Invest in bespoke measurements

Bathroom furniture that is pre-made definitely has its place. However, in a small space like an ensuite, that will likely have corners and could have unusual measurements, this may be an instance where bespoke bathroom furniture is required. This will reassure you that the cabinets will fit snugly in the space, designing storage solutions in the smaller space without compromising design.

Ensure you will still have comfortable space

It is important to prioritise space as well as storage. In an ensuite, it is tempting to design as much storage as you can. However, if this is overdone, it can result in a cramped bathroom that is difficult to move around in. As much as the storage is very important, the experience of using the bathroom is also something that could affect how much it is used and the value it adds to your home.

If you would like some advice on whether or not to include an ensuite in your proposed loft conversion, get in touch with our team. Here at Highview Building Services, we are the experts that can transform your space into a liveable area, creating beautiful bedrooms and bathrooms for homes requiring more space. To get in touch with us, call 0203 633 7955 or email . We can’t wait to hear from you.