With so many people now working remotely, a home office is one of the most popular new additions to a home. They allow you to work in privacy and comfort without having to take on a lengthy commute. However, not all offices are created equal. It’s important to plan carefully to get the maximum benefit of the space and ensure it’s a suitable working environment. If you’re planning a loft conversion or extension, there are some important elements you should take into account for your new office.

Separate space

Dedicating a completely separate room to your home office ensures that you can be kept away from potential distractions such as pets, the doorbell ringing, and children. Having a separate room also allows you to create a comfortable space to work in, compared to a nook or corner which is more exposed. Additionally, having a room set aside for work will help you psychologically separate your home and work life – something that many home workers struggle with. This not only helps your productivity but also prevents that creeping feeling that you never leave work.

Light and lighting

When designing your extension, try and create as much natural light as possible in your new office. Large windows that face south are a good place to start. Check the rest of your house and ask your neighbours to identify if there’s any nasty glare that might distract you while you’re working. Try and position your desk in the office so that sunlight illuminates it but does not shine directly into your eyes. When furnishing your office, remember to use soft lighting that generates 500 lux of luminescence to ensure you can see properly throughout the working day.


It is important to try and enable adequate airflow in your office. Having a window and door that can open opposite one another is a quick and easy way to quickly clear any stuffiness out of your office and let fresh air in. Also consider having an airbrick or air conditioning unit installed. Proper airflow is essential to maintaining concentration and focus by regulating the temperature and removing dust and irritants from the air. This keeps you focused on your work in a comfortable and clean environment.


When planning your home office in your extension, ensure that it is separated from louder parts of the house if possible. If you know the kitchen becomes noisy and could be a distraction, try not to situate your new office next to or above it. Keeping your office away from sources of noise is a great way to keep yourself focused. You can also keep the space quiet by placing heavy furniture like bookcases against the walls. This will help to muffle the sound coming from adjacent rooms. Make sure that you work in peace and quiet with your new office space.

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