Converting your loft is incredibly exciting, and the prospect of a brand-new space often fills homeowners with pride. Though there is a large question in the airabout what your new space will be used for… There are the usual uses for a loft conversion that we are all aware of, but perhaps you’d like to use your space for something more unique?Peruse these options that you could adopt in your home and turn your loft extension into a much-loved space!

Dressing room

If you’re someone with an overflowing wardrobe, using even a section of your loft conversion as a built-in dressing room will give you some much needed space. Fitted drawers and wardrobe spaces could give you a dedicated room to get ready and select your outfits in peace.

En-suite bathroom

Elevating the usual use of a loft conversion from just a bedroom, installing an en-suite bathroom will give your extra loft space a dual purpose. It’ll provide the added ease of not having to stumble downstairs to use the bathroom, and will also add value to your home by adding more amenities.

Home library

If you’re an enthusiastic booklover, your hordes of paperbacks could be strewn around without a home. If there’s no other space for a home library, transform your loft living space to include shelving and a reading nook. Types of loft conversions with natural light, such as a Velux loft conversion, will turn this space into a cosy book haven.

Home office

If someone in your household works from home, they might benefit from a home office. A dedicated working area encourages productivity, so why not invest in a dormer loft conversion or something similar to provide this. Working from home may well be a permanent feature of your role, so adjust your home to reflect this.

Child’s playroom

Having children running around the house can sometimes become hectic and cramped. Giving them their own dedicated play area could be a good solution. As children require less head height, a loft conversion is the ideal place for their playroom! This could be a small child’s toy room, or a teen’s den.

Home gym

Many gym-goers long for a home gym to continue their progress. Housing this in your attic will mean that you don’t pay for a membership, and you don’t have to travel other than the journey up the stairs! There’s a lot that can be done with the floor space, whether it’s sprinting on a treadmill or leaning into a yoga pose.

Master or guest bedroom

One of the classic ways to utilise a loft conversion is to turn it into a master bedroom. Although common, this shouldn’t be knocked. If your family is expanding or just simply a little cramped, an extra bedroom will increase your comfort, or allow you to host guests whenever you feel like it.

Split-level, multi-purpose area

A particularly innovative way of using your loft area could be installing a split-level space. Having two levels could help you use the space for more than one purpose. For example, you could have a bedroom on a higher level accessed by steps, and space for a small living room below. This increases how much you can use the room.

With all these options for how to use your future loftspace, you’ll need a trustworthy company to carry it out. At Highview Building Services, we handle the designing, planning, and construction process to give you peace of mind, and a beautiful space afterwards. Call us on 0203633 7955 or email .