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A loft conversion is an excellent way to expand your living space. The simplest and most cost-effective way to gain the much-needed room. Selling your home and moving to a larger one can be costly, and for most people, it isn’t an option. We can expertly design and construct even the most complicated loft conversion, giving you complete peace of mind before, during, and after the project. We take pride in our craftsmanship and personalised approach to each project. Our workers are fully trained tradespeople who have been hired for their knowledge and skills. Extending your home in Orpington can be a difficult job that requires a lot of effort from both parties involved. Our surveyors, carpenters, roofers, electricians, plumbers, and plasterers are all fully committed to providing the best service possible. Many of the goods and materials we use are top-of-the-line.


Adding another bathroom is another common way to make use of your new space within your Orpington property. Simply get the plumbing sorted and bish, bash, bosh – queues for the shower disappear and you have a little space where you can grab some solitude for an hour.

Dormer loft conversion in Orpington

A dormer loft conversion is created when a box-shaped framework is attached to a pitched roof, resulting in walls that are 90 degrees to the floor. Not only does this help you increase your headspace, but it also lets you expand your floorspace. A dormer can be added to any home with a pitched roof and loft room. Dormers are ideal for lofts that are just a little too small because they build new headspace.

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L-shaped loft conversion in Orpington

An L-shaped dormer loft conversion, which is common on period properties, creates a large space that can typically be divided into multiple spaces, such as two bedrooms plus a bathroom, a large bedroom and bathroom, or a number of other arrangements. Two dormer loft conversions are linked to create an L-shaped dormer loft conversion. To build the distinctive L-shape dormer, one dormer loft conversion is located on the main roof and the other on the back roof.

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Mansard loft conversion in Orpington

Mansard loft conversions, named after the 17th century French architect Francois Mansart, can be thought of as an extension across the entire plane of your property’s roof. This form of conversion, which is commonly seen at the back of houses, converts the sloping side of your roof to an almost vertical side – at least 72 degrees. The roof is usually level, with small dormers housing the windows.

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Hip to gable loft conversion in Orpington

Hip to gable loft conversions are most common on semi-detached homes that already have a hipped roof. A gable is built by extending the hip vertically from the ridgeline, and a Rear Dormer is formed at the back of the house. This is one of the most popular forms of loft conversion because it maximises floor space and head height.

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Velux loft conversion in Orpington

A ‘Velux only loft conversion’ does not include the addition of a dormer to the roof; instead, the loft conversion is built entirely within the pitch of the existing roof. To allow the conversion, the property must already have good head height in the unconverted loft space.

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According to a new study, at least half of home owners find the expense of moving unaffordable and opt to stay put. Converting existing space is a cost-effective way to gain much-needed extra space. Another thing to keep in mind is that the cost of the work may be less than the increase in value of your home as a result of the conversion. We believe it was a very cost-effective decision. Keep in mind that your attic is a blank canvas. Giving you the opportunity to design a room that meets your needs. If well-planned and implemented, it will be a beautiful addition to your house. If you get the finish just right, it will appeal to potential buyers, raising the price and increasing the saleability. Adding an extra bedroom to your Orpington property will increase its market value by £30,000 on average! Many people ask us to conduct feasibility studies for loft conversions. Our organisation places a high priority on providing the best possible advice during the initial free feasibility survey. So, if you’re thinking about doing a loft conversion or just want some nice, sound advice, don’t hesitate to contact us.



We at Highview Building Services recognise that a home is the heart of every family, and that it is a special place where good times and wonderful memories are shared. This is why we believe that improving your Orpington property you already own should be your first choice, as it will enable you to build on those wonderful times and memories rather than discarding them.

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EN SUITE BATHROOMS Having a new bathroom installed should not be a stressful, but rather a pleasurable experience, and simply finding and browsing our website is the first step toward a professionally installed, beautiful bathroom. We are a bathroom company located in Orpington that specialises in planning, designing, and providing bathroom suites to Orpington residents.

BESPOKE CARPENTRY Welcome to Orpingtons’ first option for bespoke fitted furniture and carpentry designs, Highview Building Services. We’re thrilled you came across our website. We’re here to show you the incredible results you can get in your home or office with made-to-measure, custom carpentry solutions that are customised to your unique needs. We’re a group of cool, dependable craftspeople dedicated to transforming Orpington homes and businesses.

HAND CRAFTED STAIRCASES We masterfully design, craft, and install staircases that evoke a true sense of class, luxury, and sophistication, using the finest woods, metals, and glass that adds true value to your property in Orpington. We are extremely proud of our product and service, and each project, no matter how big or small, receives the same degree of focus, care, and craftsmanship. All of our staircases are made to order and designed to exacting specifications. Staircases are designed, manufactured, and assembled to the highest standards.


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