Are you craving some more space in your home? Maybe you’ve found yourself in need of extra space, or your dining room table isn’t quite cutting it as a workspace anymore. Your solution could be a house extension! Whether this be a loft conversion or an extension of your garage, there are some questions to consider before you ring the builders. Here are some of the things to think about when you’re extending your home:

What’s your budget?

It’s very important to settle on a budget before you think about what kind of extension you’d like or who you’d like to do it. The budget may affect that kind of building project you can invest in – for example a Velux loft conversion will be the more cost-effective of your options. When deciding on your budget, our biggest bit of advice is to include a contingency amount. This ensures you’ll have money to fall back on should there be more work than expected.

Do you have a deadline?

What is your desired time frame for your extension? Do you have a child on the way and another bedroom is needed? Ideally, the best time for extensions is in the summer months as the weather is more reliable, and it’s expected that projects can be completed sooner. It’s a good idea to make your timeline clear to your contractors, meaning everyone will be on the same page.

Are your neighbours notified?

Although it’s not a necessary step, letting your neighbours know about the impending work on your property is a good idea. This will allow them to take precautionary measures, such as ordering some earplugs! It will also give them the opportunity to express their views about it, meaning you can maintain the neighbourly rapport that you have going.

Do you need planning permission?

Planning permission is not always necessary for home extensions; it depends on the parameters of your project. For example, for extensions of more than one storey, the new build shouldn’t extend past the walls of the existing house by more than three metres. Any more will require planning permission. Bear in mind, there is the option for your extension to be designed so that it doesn’t require permission, eliminating some hassle!

Will you live on site?

Depending on the type of home extension you’re undergoing, the level of disruption to your home could be substantial. If this is the case and your home is having a major transformation, it could be in your best interest to move out temporarily while the building work is happening. This will ensure that your day-to-day life can be uninterrupted while your home is being worked on.

Have you factored in extra bills?

It’s easy to think that once your extension is complete, life will be back to normal! Many people forget, however, that your expanded home could generate more bills. An extra room to heat and have electrical sockets in will mean an increase in the energy you use. To combat this, consider installing green energy options like solar panels, which could save you money in the long run.

How will you design the space?

Ensuring that the designer of your space is knowledgeable and has experience is essential! This way, you can be sure that your home is taken into account, and you’ll be able to make the most of the space you have available. It’s also important that you may be able to collaborate, to express your preferences and the purpose the space will serve for you.

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